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Using the I-Formation in Doubles | Tennis View Magazine

Read on for tips from 15 -time Grand Slam champions Bob and Mike Bryan on how to elevate your doubles strategy using the I-formation. Tip #1: Shake up a team that is consistently crushing returns. Bob Bryan: It’s good to use the I-formation when opponents are returning really well. Psychologically, it’s a way to get their eye off the ball ...

Tennis: How To Do The I-Formation in Doubles - YouTube

Tennis Warehouse playtesters Spencer and Andy explain how to use the "I-Formation" in doubles. Learn how to do it, what benefits it provides and how to use ...

Doubles – Australian and “I” Formations

For adult tennis, Gary helped over 20 local USTA teams to Districts, Sectionals & National titles. When league play started in Virginia Beach back in ’95, he put together and coached the first men’s and women’s 2.5 tennis teams that went to Nationals. Gary is a tennis pro at Virginia Beach Tennis & Country Club.

I-formation (tennis) - Wikipedia

I-formation is a doubles tennis strategy carefully planned to confuse the opponent returning the serve. "The name comes from its resemblance to American football's I formation, in which the fullback positions right behind the halfback, who positions right behind the quarterback."

Doubles Formations – Tennis Talk

Doubles Formations. There are many different formations you can use to win doubles points and good players change their formations depending on what’s happening tactically in the match and what the score is. Most club players are very familiar with the standard one up, one back formation and may occasionally use the two back on return ...

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This I formation tennis doubles strategy will create confusion to the opposing team as to where the net player of the serving is going to position himself. Counter attack to opponents’ lob game. The lob is the best doubles tennis strategy to counteract a net play, so expect you opponents to play lob if you are playing in the net.

Improve Your Tennis Game: Australian Formation Doubles

Australian Formation in Doubles. Ben Zaiser, Head Tennis Professional at the USTA National Campus, offers a doubles tip from Down Under to help improve your team’s chance for success. The Australian doubles formation is a tactic for varying position on serve. The net player sets up directly across from the opposing net player, while the ...

Tennis Server - Wild Cards - The I-Formation: A Variation of ...

Tennis Server Wild Cards Column. The I-Formation: A Variation of Australian Doubles by Kathleen Krajco. In normal Up-and-Back Doubles, the server's net partner takes one side of the court, and in Australian Doubles he or she usually takes the other.