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How does momentum apply to soccer? - Answers

Momentum applies to soccer when you kick the soccer ball down the field so it speeds up and goes faster.

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If you have a lot of momentum when you kick the soccer ball, it will go faster. If you do not have enough momentum, the length the ball goes will still be less no matter how hard you kick the ball. The average momentum was calculated by doing 67 mph x 400 grams. I got 26,800. Something that will affect the way the soccer ball moves is velocity. Without knowing the velocity of the soccer ball, you will not be able to get to it.

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Momentum is the velocity of object times its mass. Every time we strike the soccer ball we transfer the momentum to the ball. Also whenever we receive the soccer ball we use our feet to slow down the momentum of the ball by moving our feet back and resisting the ball slowly so that we have more control of the ball. Magnus Affect

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When we kick the ball, the force we apply to it causes it to accelerate from a speed of 0 to a speed of dozens of kilometers per hour. When the ball is released from the foot, it begins to decelerate (negative acceleration) due to the force of friction that is exerted upon it (as we observed in the previous example).

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The Physics Of Soccer – The Magnus Effect. When a soccer player kicks a ball off-center it causes the ball to spin. The direction and speed of the spin will determine how much the ball curves during flight. It's the same principle as a curve ball in baseball.

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Wheeling, W. Va. - On Sunday, the Wheeling University Men's Soccer team (4-6, 3-5) scored a come from behind overtime victory as they took down Concord University 2-1. Now, they bring that momentum back with them to their home field as they get ready to host The University of Charleston on Wednesday night at 7 PM.

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Unlike other sports where propulsive impulse is important for throwing objects further or at a greater velocity, or to run faster. Braking impulse is more important for kicking in soccer, as the body needs to decelerate, in order for other parts of the body (the kicking leg an pelvis) to propel forward.

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The time the player's head is in contact with the ball is 0.04 seconds. What is the force exerted by the player on the ball? F = (0.45) (23-30/ 0.04) F= (0.45) (-175) F= -78.75 Newtons. The mass of a soccer ball is 0.45 kilograms and the time the player's foot is on the ball is 0.05 seconds.

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Momentum depends upon the variables mass and velocity. In terms of an equation, the momentum of an object is equal to the mass of the object times the velocity of the object. Momentum = mass • velocity. In physics, the symbol for the quantity momentum is the lower case p. Thus, the above equation can be rewritten as. p = m • v